Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I want to be happier
Like those open bars
Cameras smiling

Look at our brand new jeans
Designed to deceive
Mocking the poor

Plastic colored sunglasses
Dead of day
We're over paid

Give me a chance to tell you
All about Eve
I hope I'll kill you

Someone rescue me
and throw me into
A vegan sweet shop

On a lonely hill
Self powered
In a snow storm

I want to breathe in the pines
Make my own coloring books
From natural causes

Saturday, January 29, 2011

I scream in my head
1 ticket to hell
Synthetic stalking
My eyes are burning

And it's allowed
The paying man has a budget to plan
And it's okay, I just got paid
Time to buy another round
Of my favorite brew
The one I saw
Right next to the picture of you
The one I love
The one I want to hold
Licking my lips
Begging for more
It's alright because you're here
Looking at me with my beer

I have you in my hand
Talking at you from another land
There's so much more that could be true
But I'm still looking at this picture of you

Come at me Jesus, with your mighty hand
Strike me down to the nearest church
In this new world I will guide thee
Into a forum where you can speaketh the word
Like a turd
Just a word
And when they delete your account
Nobody will care
And you and me, honey, will meet again
On another site
With suns, moons, babies and liquor
And we'll be friends

Thursday, January 13, 2011

I see you run through the gamet

I see you sitting in the tunnel
Ready to take off on your own

Into the fables of lore

You are on your own

We stand and gaze at the moment

We’re just keeping your seat warm

Waiting for the hope we can’t kill

It pays us too well

And so you must go on

While we believe otherwise

Chickens in our black shoes

Bullets in our hearts

Sometimes we will laugh like you

Sometimes we will not

And so you must go on

To official eternity

With your cufflinks gold

And your hair so bold

To the earth

To the sky

To the fire in your belly

White collar crimes a plenty

Be gone

Be gone

Be gone to the window

Waiting down below

A surrendering ship is circling

With your wife and children as captains

Will you walk the plank?

Take another avenue

And we’ll see you again

At the next trade show

Dusted off and miraculously

Recovered and red

Otherwise you would be dead

And so you must go on your own

Through these dangers

Through these dollars and souls

An incredible slavery

When you’re gone

And you’ll leave

We will be honored to know you

Through your haunted dreams

So please

Keep in touch